Ms. Smith's 4th Grade Weekly News

What's happening at school?


This week in Writing, the students are working on writing a descriptive paragraph and will then move on to writing a descriptive essay. In Reading/Social Studies the students are wrapping up their 4 regions of Texas project. The students will then get into groups to design a map of Texas outlining the four regions of Texas and then present their work in the form of a powerpoint presentation, song, or writing. They are also working on main idea, compare/contrast, and the focusing on comprehension strategies. In Science, they are learning about Force, Matter, and Motion. The students are really excited about designing and building a model of their very own sports board. The students will incorporate what they learn to give a detailed account of how they designed their board and how it works.

The students are doing a great job of participating and working hard on their assignments! Since I have a large group of sports fans, the 12th man came to visit our classroom this past Friday. The students loved it and they learned about the history of the 12th at Texas A&M.

***New information coming home about STAAR, so be sure to check your child's take home folder.


The students are learning about the Long i this week. Be sure to review the words with your child going over not only the spelling, but the meaning of each word. Students need to complete one spelling practice assignment this week and turn in by Wednesday.

Important Dates

This Friday is National Punctuation Day! Visit ideas for your child to dress up or bring something fun to share at school!

Oct. 2 - Field Day....lots of fun to be had!!

Oct. 12 - Parent/Teacher Conference...Don't forget to sign up!

Oct. 15 - 4th Grade field trip to Outdoor Learning Center

Available Anytime!

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have! I am never to busy to talk with you about your child. Have a wonderful week!

Weekly Spelling List

Regular List- Week 4
Long i

  1. file

  2. drive

  3. kite

  4. pies

  5. die

  6. wipe

  7. inside

  8. height

  9. pride

  10. spy

  11. sigh

  12. shy

  13. prime

  14. sly

  15. pry

  16. climb

  17. minding

  18. fright

  19. twice

  20. slight

Challenge List- Week 4
Long i

  1. awhile

  2. fright

  3. height

  4. lightning

  5. desire

  6. whine

  7. thrive

  8. ideal

  9. slightly

  10. typing

  11. tight

  12. sighed

  13. highway

  14. explorers

  15. display

  16. paralyzed

  17. endless

  18. sensible

  19. protested

  20. realistic

Bonus Words:



Bonus Words:



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