Job Description

This career involves, attending to the passengers on board and satisfying their needs and requirements while travelling.


In order to be an airhostess you are only expected to have a high school certificate.  It would be a great advantage if you are able to speak another language and have some sort of experience in fields of catering and medical training.


Improvisation, communication and service are the most desired skills needed from employers.Other skills include having neat handwriting, ability to calculate change due to passengers and the capability to have a calm face in cases of emergency. It is essential to have good manners when talking to the people on board.


The amount of salary you receive  depends on how many years of experience you have. The average hourly pay for less than a years worth of experience is $10.10 - $19.58. Your annual pay should be somewhere from $13,120 - $56,730.Airhostesses receive a salary which is a fixed amount of money paid for regular work or service.


The most interesting thing about becoming an airhostess is the travelling between different countries and the experiences you live through with other passengers. Also, in the joy of others, lies your own.