Size doesn't always matter

henry killpack period 4

Development of theme analysis

I am going to be talking about Max and Freak. Conflict in my opinion had the biggest impact in the book. There was many examples of conflict shown in the book. I think the theme starts when max meets freak. Freak always stands up for himself and always has courage. A few quotes are pg 13 "you live around here earthling". i think he said that because he knows he's not going to have a very long life but he still wants to have fun. Another is "sulfuric acid" pg 43 I think he says that because he is not afraid to attempt to trick Killer Kane.

Reflection and application of the theme

I think it is cool how freak always has courage throughout the book. I think the author did a great job developing the theme. I think that it is important for my generation. I think that because everyone should be like freak. He does lots of very courageous things. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him. He is always standing up for himself the whole book. Everyone needs to be like that.


Max and freak were two kids who didn't much of a life. Until they met each other. When they started to become friends they both started the best time of their lives. They went on many adventures together. Also they went through a lot of things together. When freak dies Max starts to get sad again but he knew that they were best friends. And it was meant to be.