Sensational Six of Perseverance

By: Meghan Gaither

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What Exactly Is Perseverance?

Perseverance is defined in various ways, but it is mostly having patience and being resilient. You have to let life happen and be the way that it is going to be. But, it may not always go your way, so you will have to be able to bounce back from any adversities.

Knee Deep in Flour To Knee Deep in Cash

Many people go through life and they get a job to earn money. Some people are not as successful as others , but they keep trying. Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino's never expected to be where he was to day with the adversities that he faced in his younger years.

Tom's story started in his college year when he and his brother borrowed $900 to open a pizza parlor. He and his brother were rolling dough and their money intake was not very good. Tom basically lived at the store, he did everything form dicing cheese to rolling dough. Tom's brother had another job in a post office, but this was the only way that Tom was making money. Every time the business began to go downhill, so would their friendship. They said they had many setbacks because of financial problems.

Tom then was given the option to own the business and he reluctantly accepted. He wanted to expand the business so he could make more money, theoretically.He found someone new to work his other business but he had doubts due to past bankruptcy. Tom ended up working 100 hours a week and driving a rusty old car. He realized his new partner was taking advantage of him and they dissolved the partnership when the other guy ended up in the hospital.

Tom made pizza for the next two years, but he was in major debt. He slowly paid off his debt, but another adversity came along. One of his stores was burned down in a fire. He again faced financial problems. Due to his strong conviction to his business he kept persevering through and he became one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the pizza business. Domino's.


This is a picture of the Domino's logo, the franchise that Tom Monaghan Started.

Jackie and Dartanyon Compare & Contrast

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As the Shot Clock Ticks Down

Lauren Hill was an amazing basketball player, but with one flaw. She had a brain tumor. Lauren did not let the brain tumor stop her from what she was doing, it made her try harder. Now, Lauren could have given up and never tried again, but she did not. She kept trying harder and harder to in play basketball games. Lauren taught other kids what it meant to persevere through a hard situation, and encouraged them to follow their dreams and goals. She also taught kids about her disease. She had diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG, an inoperable form of brain cancer. There is no known cure for the disease and so far all cases have been fatal. Lauren kept fighting until the end, she was an inspiration to many girls.

Lauren Hill

This is a picture of Lauren Hill while she was playing basketball.

Cause and Effect of Stephen J. Cannell

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Losing by 75 Points Did Not Stop This Team

Imagine getting kicked out of your school. That is just the beginning of the Lady Jags. First, the girls have to get kicked out of their regular school for some serious reasons. Then, they joined Carroll Academy and joined the basketball team. Many of the girls didn't want to join, but they had to participate in an extra-curricular activity. After they joined the team they would practice after school as much as they could. They were not all very close at the beginning of the season, but, then they coped with their issues and differences and became great friends. Finally, their great friendship may have caused them to work well, but they still lost. But, their teamwork and resilience kept them playing each game with their head held high.

Losing to Win

This is Carroll Academy Lady Jags team at one of their games.

What Can We Take Away From These People?

Anyone can take away that there are going to be adversities in our life and we are going to have to overcome them. The hardships may be life-threatening, or they may be minor. People cope with their adversities in different ways, as you can see throughout this newsletter. Hardships are not weird things, everyone goes through hard times.