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Week 34- Thursday 31st October 2019

From the Principal's desk…

Kinder Visits:

Last Friday on the 18th October I visited Haig Ave kinder with four of our grade six students.

They were fantastic in the way they represented our school. They read, sang and played with the kinder students. Below are a couple of photos from the outing.


For the past two weeks our junior grades have undertaken a swimming program at Healesville High School. From all accounts everyone has enjoyed the program and made significant progress. Following photos show the preps in action at the pool.

Sustainability Hub / Chicken Coop:

On Monday 27th October we had our official opening of the sustainability hub and chicken coop. The high school students have made an excellent home for our chickens and they have settled right in and have already begun to lay. Our new veggie gardens are ready for planting and Rosie House and the Sustainability team are ready to plant summer crops.

We will be selling our eggs for $5:00 a dozen or $3:00 for half a dozen, we are sure they will sell very quickly. If you are interested ask at the office. All money raised will go back into the sustainability hub and provide food for the chickens.

The Sustainability club also had the job of naming our chickens they are: Miss Chicken, Bobbie, Rosie, Miranda and Hermione – welcome to HPS.

Building Works:

Work has begun on the construction of the new permanent wheelchair access ramps where the ruins are located. You will have noticed there are far more cars / equipment at the corner. Please do not encourage your students to walk down through that area after school – it is quite dangerous. It has also been reported to the school that many students are not using the crossing. Please ensure that your child is using the crossing as this is for their safety.


All students from grade one to six are participating in a Gymnastics program for four weeks this term. Thank you to Rosie for organising this and to Milli and Dru Troon from Healesville Gymnastics Centre who are running the program. This is possible due to funding received from School Sporting Association.


As we move into term 4, we will be starting to work on class composition for 2020. This can cause some concern for parents. Please be assured that staff spend considerable time working on class construction to enhance the educational opportunities for all students. Class groupings are formed around mixed gender, educational grounds and creating classes of equitable numbers. Children are asked for an indication of who might be great learning partners for them. Teachers consider who students work well with and work to meet the needs of all students. Teachers are allocated to classes in the final stages.

If you feel there is an issue that would affect your child’s placement please put this in writing to Tracey by Thursday November 7th, to enable us to take this into consideration. Parents are not able to request particular teachers, however, we recognise that there may be circumstances we are not aware of that we may need to know about. We will of course make classes that provide the best educational opportunities for all students.

If by some chance you have forgotten to put in your enrolment form for prep 2020 please get it in to the office. If your family is moving on next year (aside from year 6 students) please notify the office in writing so we can plan accordingly.


At the end of this year we will be saying farewell to some of our teachers and welcoming back others.

We say good bye to Georgia Horsley who will be taking up a position at Montrose Primary. I would like to thank her for her amazing work this year and I know she will be missed. Tom Gamble will also be leaving to take up a Learning Specialist position at Wesburn Primary. I know Tom is going to miss HPS but is looking forward to his new leadership position and focusing on Numeracy which is one of his passions. Tom has been a teacher at HPS for quite a few years and I know that he has done an amazing job.

We will be welcoming back Tanya Dale, Bek Clarke and Catherine Vermeltfoort. I know all three teachers are looking forward to returning to HPS.

Pupil Free Day:

Just a reminder that Monday 4th November is a pupil free day. Staff will be planning for 2020 in the morning and report writing in the afternoon. And Tuesday is a public holiday being Melbourne Cup Day.

Tracey Robertson-Smith , Principal

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Friday 1 November

Junior Sports P-2 - Upper Yarra Secondary College Oval

Monday 4 November

Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 5 November

Melbourne Cup Day - PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 November

Life Education

Tuesday 12 November

PACH Meeting 9.00am

Thursday 14 November

Bridges to Prep - Literacy 2.45-3.5pm

Friday 15 November

School - Run 4 Fun - Colour Explosion

Monday 25 to Friday 29 November

Year 5/6 Camp Coonawarra

Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 December

Year 3/4 ADANAC Camp

Stars of the Week

Our Music Program - Glockenspiel

We are very excited to open up our very own glockenspiel lab! The money from the profits of our performances of "The Choice" has purchased a whole class set of instruments and trestle tables for our students.

All grades are making fabulous music and playing simple tunes.

Fenna Hogg, Performing Arts

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Staying Sun Smart at Outside School Hours Care

At Outside School Hours Care, the children always enjoy playing outdoors – whether it be group sport activities, playing on the playground or even doing homework with some fresh air. Whatever the activity is, we put utmost importance on the health and safety of the children, so remaining sun smart is always a priority.

Our sun smart policy complies with the SunSmart Guidelines to ensure all children, educators and visitors are protected from over-exposure to UV radiation while maintaining adequate vitamin D levels. Sensible sun protection does not put people at risk of vitamin D deficiency.

UV radiation causes harmful effects on health though we can’t see or feel it. Prolonged exposure under the sun’s UV can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage, and skin cancer. Protecting your skin from UV exposure is important at any age, but it is particularly important during childhood and adolescence as their skin is vulnerable to damaging sun rays.

To stay sun smart this Summer, children are required to wear their hats during outdoor activities for adequate sun protection. We suggest wide-brimmed hats as these cover the neck, ears and shoulders – these areas are pone sunburn. Apart from hats, children are also advised to wear sunscreen which we provide at our services.

To find out more about the Camp Australia OSHC program, please visit our website at www.campaustralia.com.au or call our friendly Customer Care on 1300 105 343. The team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except National Public Holidays).

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to stay Sun Smart!

Stacey, Bob and Ellie - Camp Australia, where we make children smile.

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