Some Witty News About Wendy

(Who Already Went to WCU)

This URL is one of my favorite apps.

Besides my responsibilities of serving God and my community, my family, teaching, and working out and staying healthy, my interests, include

1. Crafting-I like to decorate and have made some burlap and wooden art for my house!

I also have created my own banners, wreaths etc.

2. Baking-I love using pinetrest for new receipes! I love to cook dinner, but baking in the summer when I am off and around the holidays is my favorite.

3. Shopping! I love outlet shopping when I have time and money! Lately, it has been more online shopping!

CREATIVE/Proudest Moment

My most creative moment would meet the PBL I designed this year where students built and designed volcanoes from the civilizations they were reading about in social studies.

They created everything from the paper mache' to researching the types of volcanoes.

They created movies on the IPAd to explain the type of explosion and how it correlated to the volcanoes.

They filmed this lesson for the school news and collaborated on google drive.

We also coordinated the project with the Art Teacher.

We later used the cones as we learned about geometry and finding surface area of a cone in math.

Creativity Side Note 2

These pictures are my babies and what I am truly proud of creating!

Multiple Intelligences

My Multiple intelligence is

1. Logical/Mathematical

2. Interpersonal & Visual Spatial

3. Musical

I Even though I am Logical/mathematical I feel that I am the most creative with visual and spatial. I can also plan lessons and picture ideas in my head.

I have been known memorize prices and can visualize many answers to math calculations and see numbers in my head. I am finally glad to work with students who can do the same things and explain patterns in interesting ways.

I Would Like to MEET....

Big image
I would like to meet Carrie Underwood.

As I mentioned above I am very musical.

I admire people who create and and sing.

I especially admire her originality in that she has written a few of her own songs and the soul she has put into her remixes of old songs!