Go west flyer!

By: Isaac Scribner

What role did the government play in getting people to go west?

The government played the role of intriguing people to go west with the homestead act stating that if you leave and settle in the west you will get 160 acres of land(That's 1/4 of a mile!)
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What was life like for the people that went west?

For the Americans who lived in the west it was hard because there was a drought in the early stages. for some it was harder because some couldn't find gold and couldn't buy anything because everything cost a lot more than they were used to.
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Challenges of going west

Some major challenges of going west were Attacks of the native Americans. If they weren't attacked by the natives there was still the fear which turned the less set on getting gold to going back home which also had the fear of Native attacks so some people just stayed there.v
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Why did people go west

most people went west to find land and have a better opportunity than they had in either the east of in their home country. Another reason was for religious freedom from the status quo.
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Who went west?

The "49'ers" went west in hopes for finding gold. they knew that there was unexplored land along the way and some of them stayed there. A lot of people moved west in 1949 which was called the gold rush. The name 49ers stuck to the people who mined in the west in 1849


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