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Summer To Do List:

For those who know me, even a little bit, know I am forever writing and creating lists. My lists have lists. So for the final edition of Tech Tidbits for the school year I am writing YOU a To Do List. :)

1. Explore Canvas and think about how you might want to use it with your students and parents. Review the online videos and tutorials to get an idea how it works and how it can work for you. Canvas is here and here to stay... might as well embrace it.

2. Explore what technology you might want to incorporate in your classroom. (Need help, email me... I am not going to Europe or anything....) If you are unfamiliar with these tech tools, learn a little bit. is a full of tutorials and you can earn points for completing the activities! Some take an hour, others longer so you can fit it into your schedule, you can even start and stop the activities as needed.

3. Take the computer outside! Enjoy the sunshine on a porch, deck, or on a blanket in the grass. I don't reccomend sand and water... not the most electronic friendly environments.

4. Watch a movie on a rainy day. Use your laptop on your couch, bed, or favorite chair and look for a fun one. If you have Apple TV or it to your TV.

5. Bored? Search Pinterest for some Technology in the Classroom... there are some amazing things out there... and more being created everyday.

6. And lastly... ENJOY! We all know it goes WAAAAAY too fast!!