Roomba The House-Hold Robot

By Matthew Schroeder

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The Task Roomba Preforms And Human Function or Task It Simulates

Roomba cleans floors all by it self. Roomba simulates a human picking up and cleaning house so they dont have to. Preforms vacuuming and simulates the movement of humans while doing it.

Where Robot Is Used And What Its Work Envelope Is

Its used in your own home on floor as a everyday house-hold item. It has 360 degrees of freedom, it weaves aroung object and tables to get a good clean on everthing. But it has no flexible joints

Is The Robotic End Effector Multi-Functional? And What Other Tasks Can It Preform?

Yes, the robotic end effector is multifunctional. It sweeps up dust, dirt and other grime from the ground and has a unique way of storing what is picked up.

How The Robot Is Taught To Preform Its Tasks

Its uses iAdapt technology, which is irobots advanced system of software and sensors that enable it to find its around around the house cleaning floors many times

Sensors The Roomba Has And How It Uses Them

Roomba has a infrared receiver, cliff sensors, object sensors and wall sensors. Infrared shows how long Roomba should spend its time cleaning. Cliff to tell if there is a drop by the sensors in front. Object when it bumps into something that it moves backwards and goes 90 degrees then straight
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Roomba


-A lot more efficient then vacuuming yourself

-Don't have to take time out of your day to do it


-They can be very costly and expensive

-They are vulnerable to damage

-And if you just bought an expensive cleaning robot you don't want it to break pretty quickly

Impact On Audience

Its advanced technology allows many people to use their time more wisely which makes life a lot easier. Makes people like the robot a lot because it is a very good vacuum for the money.

Jobs/Careers Roomba Can Create

Roomba can create robotic researching to improve and advance vacuuming technology. Also, it creates manufacturing and engineering jobs and careers

How It Could be Altered To Preform More Or Different Tasks

It could have a more precise or more powerful vacuum to improve vacuum quality. Roomba's software could be upgraded to improve performance.