North Korea (Country of Nothing)

By Aaron Newman Period 8

How Long Has North Korea Has been around and what took over the North?

It has been 69 years since the division of Korea. The United States of Russia took the North and the United States of America took over South.

Life in North Korea

This is a BBC Documentary.
Life in North Korea 1 of 2 - BBC Doc State of Mind

The Weather (Both North and South Korea)

Mild and Calm. Sometimes, it snows in the winter monsoon.

Kim Il Sung

Birth: 4/15/1912

Death: 7/8/1994

Dictator/Father of North Korea in 1948

He is Kim Jong un's Grandfather and Kim Jong Ils Dad.

They honor Him, cause the State will kill you if you don't.

Founded the Workers Party of Korea, A author of the Peoples Workers Statement.(etc.)

-_- (Okay A little TMI but it is the truth) O_O (They Even Worship a Statue of this Guy!)

Kim Jong Il

Birth: 2/16/1941

Death: 12/17/2011

2nd Dictator of North Korea, and they also honor him and the same thing will happen to you if you don't honor him.

(They all are brainwashed)

Kim Jong un

3rd and Current dictator of North Korea.


They never seen him for 6 weeks and still wonder where was he.

He also Spend Money on something else instead of Military.