Gemstones Divas 100 Challenge

The Gemstones Diamond & Dazzling Divas are GOING BIG in April

For those of you who know me- and my family.. our motto is "Go Big or Go Home". If you're gonna do it, well, why not do it big? The Gemstones Diamond & Dazzling Divas are GOING BIG in April. Shannon & I were chatting yesterday and looking at our team numbers- the most shows we have had as a team in one month was 55 back in November. And, we were a much smaller team then. There are about 60 active stylists on our team NOW - with so many of you ROCKING your businesses. Shannon and I believe that even if our "hobbyists" all kicked in and did just one or two trunk shows in April- that we could get to 100 trunk shows!!! Are you the kind of gal that just does one show a month? Why not GO BIG in April and do 2-3? 4 a month? Why not GO BIG and double it?

Is it a big goal?? Well, heck yeah! Are we scared? YES!! But we are going for it!

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People are ready to get out and about!! April thru June our some of our biggest retail months. If you set yourself up for a busy Spring- it will carry you thru a busy summer!

Here are a few get reasons to get booking!!

April Autism Awareness Trunk Shows

Mother's Day gifting

New Summer Collection

Reasons to go BIG in April! #1 Pay for Hoopla- a MUST attend event for all Stylists (and a great time!)

Book 4-5 shows and pay for your trip! Score tons of free swag, stellar training, fashion show, meet the people behind S&D, be the first to see and touch the Fall collection and spend time with your team! (PS if we hit 100 shows this month- there will be a BIG celebration!)
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GO BIG! Reason #2

FREE BLING for our Fall collection! Earnings period starts April 1

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GO BIG! #3 Earn Glam Points toward Jamaica!

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GO BIG #4 Everything is made better with a trunk show!

Need $250? - go do a trunk show!!

Extra $ for some new shoes? CHECK

Pay for ballet lessons? CHECK

Car payment? CHECK

Debt elimination? CHECK

Want to meet new people?

Want to book more shows?

Want to add more people to your team? It all starts with the trunk show!

GO BIG #5 Because we can and we will!!!

How fun will it be to accomplish a MAJOR goal as a team and celebrate it together! Who's ready!? We are already at 17 shows booked for April!! Let's do this!
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