Break Dance Party!

Hosted by Brennan Carey and Brigett Weinstein

Time to Break Out the Moves

Digestion problems? I hear ya. But instead of whimpering in the bathroom all alone, attend the Break Dance Party in Lysosome, Cytosol. The enzymatic citizens of Lysosome are always willing to break down with you and show off some of their super cool moves. So unless you enjoy being gassy and constipated, attend Lysosome's second annual Break Dance Party!

Break Dance in Biology

Friday, Sep. 26th, 11:15am-12pm

Lysosome, Cytosol 08530

To all attendees:
  • Lysosome is an incredibly acidic area. For that reason, please wear hazmat suits at all times.
  • Once the dance is over, please leave one at a time. A "leakage" of attendees can result in the death of us all.

Thank you and enjoy!

Time to Break Down the Moves: Dancing 101

What if you want to attend, but you can't dance? Fear no more: these helpful tips break down this complex dance into easily digestible basics.

Tip 1: Be sure to engulf the entire dance floor. Don't let any small fries stand in your way; show (or eat) them up!

Tip 2: If one attendee is extremely toxic, feel free to destroy him. After all, there's no shame in self-defense.

Tip 3: If worst comes to worst, just self-destruct. Stop while you're ahead.

Volunteer Opportunity

Do you need community service hours? We are in search of a few enzymatic Samaritans to participate in our Break Dance Party. In particular, we are looking for any Hex-A enzymes. Without you, a lipid accumulates in the nerve cells of the brain, resulting in the gradual loss of motor skills. Those diagnosed while infants may become non-responsive to their environment after the age of 2. While Tay-Sachs disease is rare, keep in mind that this is a secular event and Ashkenazi Jews are at a higher risk of missing this crucial enzyme. So, help a brother out and volunteer just an hour of your time to prevent this incurable disease.
Jess Hazmat Dance