Snapshot - 21st Century Learning

2014 - Term 1 Week 4

Only a few new additions due to new school commitments.

NAPLAN Resources

NAPLAN Resources - including Narrative and Persuasive tecahing activities, Lizzie Chase's support resources and previous papers to use.


Spelling - Sharon Tooney has created an exemplary Spelling Content and Overview.

SA Spelling Resource - for planning, teaching, assessing and reporting on Spelling.

Spelling Activities - Created and shared by Steph Westwood

Comprehension Activities - From South Australia - located by Laura Chaffey

Balance Literacy Diet - This site provides a variety of ideas and resources and was located by L. Chaffey.

Continuums - Rhonda Field has created a very, user friendly, Excel document from Gayle Pinn's Literacy Continuum - A great collaborative effort.

Early Literacy Instructional Videos - for ES1-S1 students - Sourced by Louise Winsor

Maths Series 2 and English Series 2 Adobe Connects

A Letter Generator - located in the Informative Writing resources

Noun Explorer, Magical Capitals, Verbs in Space, Adjective Adventures and

Comma Chameleon - added to Grammar resources


Asia Education Foundation - Maths Links + Resources - Great Cross Curriculum activities.

New Units

Where is Mum? - Created by Chris Fraser and Karen Bellamy - Thanks : )

Desert Journey - Created by Leanne Williamson - Thanks Leanne

Esio Trot - Created by Leanne Williamson - Thanks Leanne

The Enormous Crocodile - Created by Leanne Williamson : )

Night School - Created by Chris Fraser and Toniann O'Brien : )

The Wishing Cupboard - Created by Chris Fraser and Erin Barber

Built Environments - Created by Merryn Whitfield - Incorporates Minecraft

Fleeting Past - Created by Merryn Whitfield


Have you purchased the Primary Connections series?

If not there are 12 available in PDF form, for free!

Meredith Snowden has shared her Keeping Healthy unit and resources. Thanks Meredith.

Food Pyramid Resources - 3 new online resources


An awesome clip shared by Kay Kirkpatrick.
Are crows the ultimate problem solvers? - Inside the Animal Mind: Episode 2 - BBC Two