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The Korean War

Also known as the seesaw war, the Korean War was a war between the United States of America and the U.N. fighting alongside South Korea against North Korea.

Phase One

The Korean war started in 1950 when North Korean General Chai Ung Chai invaded South Korea from 6 different routes in June 25, 1950.In less than a week they captured the capital of South Korea, Seoul. By the time it was August in 1950 troops under the U.N. had withdrawn to the Pusan Perimeter. By the end of August all U.N. forces were in Pusan Perimeter. During September Korean and U.S. troops captured Inchon. By October U.N. forces had captured Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Seemed like victory was at the grasp of the U.N. forces. Except for a detail that they forgot about.The U.N. forces did not think about China. By the end of October 1950 the Chinese began to

help the North Koreans.

Phase Two

June 1951: The Second Phase begins.

The second phase would last for two years.

U.S. air strikes ha almost destroyed Pyongyang from July to August in 1952. In October 8th both sides took a break after peace talks reached a deadlock. Talks resumed on March 30th 1952. Both sides signed an agreement in Panmunjom on March 30th.

North Korea

North Korea remains a communist country. North an South Korea are divided at the 38th parallel.

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The Vietnam War

American loss

Primarily a civil war between North and South Vietnam.

North and South

Northern Vietnam was communist while the southern part was democratic.

There were Communist guerilla fighters, titled the Viet Cong, in South Vietnam. The war was very unsupported by U.S. citizens.

In this war communism was favored. North and South Vietnam were united under communist rule.


China is a big country. It also has a communist government.

Communist China started with Mao Zedong. He gained alot of supporters during the Long March. People also questioned him as a leader during the Great Leap Forward. It was obviously not a smooth road. He also did the Cultural Revolution. During that he tried to remove western democratic influence and other non communist ideals.

Is There Any True Containment

There are 5 countries that are communist. That doesn't mean that communism is fully contained. There are still people who will believe communism is best. There will always be someone with a different oopinions. Who knows, maybe someone will cause another communist revolution.

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