Chemistry Of Consumer Products

The Process

Identification of Reactants and Products

Reactants: Iron, Oxygen

Products: Iron Oxide (Rust)

Chemical Equation

4Fe+ 3O2 → 2Fe2O

Reaction Type


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Background Information

Rusting is a very common chemical reaction that produces iron oxide a substance that is more commonly known as rust. After constant and over exposure to oxygen a procedure occurs in which the anode part of metal has its electrons taken by cathode part of metal, in the movement of the electrons the pieces of metal of the anode they sometimes are cleared or transform into rust. Water can behave as a catalyst to this reaction and act as the method of transportation for the electrons.(Lower, S 2013.)

Industrial Manufacturing Process

While rust seems to have little use and is not prominently manufactured it's occurrence has caused several other form's of industry to pop up, including anti rust primers, sprays and removers.


Rust has a significant impact on industries all across the world costing billions. The slow corrosion through rusting of expensive metallic equipment is something that must be accounted for as it can be the cause of shut downs, inefficiencies, contaminations and a waste of resources. (lehigh, n.d.) Since iron is a material so commonly used, rusting has an effect on a lot vehicles, housing structures compromising their ability to serve their purpose correctly and put their users or inhabitants at risk. (liquideng, n.d.)