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Shouts Outs from YOUR Dolphin Colleagues

  • A HUGE SHOUT OUT to the SPECIALS team for helping keep this BOOSTERTHON GOING! We are doing great! Keep it up!
  • To the custodians for helping tear down and set up for the boosterthon pep assemblies!

  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade for meeting with and sharing their classrooms with Sandhills Farm Life teachers.

  • Cathy for leading the B.O.B. team!
  • Kayleigh O’Neal for being on top of progress monitoring!
  • A HUGE Shout Out to all the IA’s who help the SLC get in and out of the cafeteria every day! You fill our buckets J

  • Marie Riedesel, Molly Stoltenberg, Sheila Moore, Gina Pier for doing an amazing production of “Annie”
  • Marsha Harms for keeping the students pumped about Boosterthon!
  • To all of our teachers who give it all they’ve got for every child, every day!
  • Kim- for stepping in and taking over for me when I had to leave in an emergency. It felt GREAT to know that my kids would be taken care of! That was one less stress that day!

  • To everyone else who covered and helped my students that day! Tiffany Hilyard- thanks for helping out with the Boosterthon materials! Thank you! (Warwick)

  • Cathy Wilkison for organizing a fantastic countywide Battle of the Books! We appreciate you making the event special for everyone!

  • Tiffany, Gina and Marci for the beautiful Boosterthon balloon displays!
  • Gina's great decor ideas and willingness to always lend a helping hand!
  • Cathy, Angie, Marie, and Gina - an awesome, energizing team that I am proud to work with everyday!
  • The PES Staff - an amazing group of caring and gifted individuals!
  • Jane Scruggs who has hit the ground running in her new role!

Been Sending Papers to Print at the Main Office Copier?

Please come and pick them up. We are recycling a lot of papers that no one ever picks up. Some are confidential. Help us use our resources wisely!

PDP Information

You will need to come to your summative meeting with your PDP totally updated. You will be notified of the date ahead of time so that you can plan for it, but you should have all areas in the document completed so that we can discuss and complete it at the same time we finalize your summative evaluation.

Remember to PROGRESS MONITOR - K-3!

In the Week Ahead.....

Duties This Week

AM Bus/Cafeteria beginning - Rodgers

PM Bus - Warwick

AM Auditorium beginning - McInnis/Swinnie

AM Car beginning - Threatt

Graes 3-5 Interims this week!


Interview Team begins at 3:00 in conference room


PAMS Concert - Timmy Abell - All School Assembly - 1:00pm

BRIXX Spirit Night for PTA - Come eat pizza!


Boosterthon Fun Run - Encourage students to wear PES spirit wear OR Blue for the RUN!

K-1 - 9am

2-5 - 10 am

Specials cancelled on this date


Ciccone at Central Office 8:00-11:00

Yoga Thursday at 3pm - bring yoga mat or towel and $5


Early Release Day ar 11:30



Faculty Meeting - 12pm in media center

Genius Hour

In the Coming Weeks....

March 30th

WPMS Counselors meet with 5th graders 1:45pm

March 31st

Grades due to Karen by 10am

K-2 Report Cards due to Ashlee by 10am

End of Quarter for TR

Fourth Grade Integrated Evening Event

April 2nd

TR Report Cards

Traditional Calendar Boosterthon Collection Date

April 13

Traditional Returns

April 14

Year-Round Returns

Faculty Meeting

April 15

Walking School Bus Returns

Central Office School Visit 8:30am

April 16

TAC meeting

April 20th

Earth Week-Party for the Planet!

April 23rd

Party for the Planet-STEAM Event!

April 27th

Fire Drill

April 30

Kindergarten Field Trip to Zoo