The Role of Electrons

By Maddi Coolican

Basic Atomic Structure

Electron shells

You might have known electrons to be small positive and negative balls that spin any way around a nucleus. but you are wrong these electrons are in a very tight order, what I mean is that they are found in shells around the brain of the atom the nucleus. they are found in layers called shells or energy levels, these atoms can have 1,2,3 or 4 shells, each named K,L,M,and N.

it is going to be a lot different and easier to picture an atom and its shells by having a small green pea as the center or scientific way the nucleus of our atom. the 1st shell around the green pea is going to be a ping pong ball which also fits in the tennis ball, which sits the basketball.

the electrons are represented by ting ants that dislike each other. electrons have a negative and are very light, which spin around the nucleus at very high speeds. The 1st shell can only hold a max of 2 electrons while the 2nd and 3rd shell can hold a max of 8.


the creators of science dimensions say that irons are," Atoms are electrically neutral because the number of electrons are equal to the number of protons. If this balance is charged, then we call the atom charged and it's called a ion. Ions form a chemical reaction because electrons move from atom to atom.

- If an atom loses electrons, it becomes a positive ion.

- If an atom gains electrons, then it become a negative ion. "

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