September 29


The year has kicked off with a running start and so has your MSA team! With great events lined up, Insha'Allah we hope to see all of you in attendance so don't forget to mark down your calendars!

A quick recap of what the MSA has been recently up to

Multi-faith Soccer

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all those who came out and participated in the Multi-faith Soccer event! It was an amazing success and we were able to raise money to donate to the Food Bank at Guelph.

Special Thanks

Friday prayers have been a delightful experience and we would like to give special thanks to Usman Qamar for giving the last three khutbas! Usman Qamar completed his Islamic studies from the UK and South Africa and it was an honour to have him as our khateeb. Inshallah he will be joining us again in October for the MSA Speaker Night (Check Speaker night event below for details).

Upcoming Events to Look Forward To!

Here are a few of the most recent and upcoming events to be on the lookout for:

Arabic & Tajweed Classes

We are pleased to announce the start up of Arabic and Tajweed classes to teach those willing to learn how to read Arabic! Insha'Allah these classes will be an ongoing program. The focus of these classes will be to improve our Arabic language and will extend to teach the rules of Tajweed in order to recite the Quran.

The Classes will take place on Thursdays once a week from 6-7pm and there are 2 levels to attend:

Level 1 - Everyone Welcome

This is a beginner level class instructed by Lema Rashed and will begin with the Arabic Alphabet to build a good foundation and will begin in 2 weeks.

Location: MCKN 313

Level 2 - Sisters Only

This is an Intermediate level class instructed by Amatulraheem AbduAllah and wil focus on learing the Tajweed rules for Quran recitation and begin this week.

Location: MCKN 317

( If there are any brothers who are either interested in teaching tajweed or want to learn tajweed, please email

October 9th Speaker Night

Insha'Allah we would like to once again welcome brother Usman Qamar to speak on the topic of the life of the prophet SAW in continuation from the khutbas on October the 9th starting at 5:30pm in MACN room 113. For those who had questions during some of the khutbas that he led, there will be a question answer session durng speaker night to give you an opporutnity to get your questions answered. Make sure to check your emails in the next week for details on location and timing.

Eid Dinner

This year's Eid Dinner is just around the corner and bigger than ever! With just three weeks left The Eid Dinner will be held on October 19th at The Delta Hotel! Insha'Allah we hope to get to see as many of you as possible because you wouldn't want to miss out on one of the most anticipated events of the year! Stay tuned for updates on ticket sales!

Qira'atul Quran Competition (QQC)

Our MSA has been invited to participate in the Qira'atul Quran Competition! With QQC almost upon us on the 24th of October, start practicing your tajweed! The confirmed Surah will be Surah Al-Mulk and we will be hosting prep sessions from 7-8pm on October 15th in UC rooms 333 and 332 and also on the 20th in UC rooms 334 and 430. Winners from our Univeristy will have an opporunity to compete with other universities for a chance to win a trip to Saudi Arabia to do Umrah. Further details will be posted soon so stay tuned!

Islam Awareness Week (IAW)

IAW is coming up fast! It will be taking place from November 3rd to the 7th, featuring week long events, displays and speaker nights which will be held both within the UC and outdoors by the Raithby House. This year IAW has a central theme focusing on the Five Pillars of Islam!

Want to help out? We can use many volunteers to make this week a successes so please see below on how to get involved with your MSA!

Ongoing Programs

Islamic Development

Jumm'ah Prayer

Where: Room 103 - University Centre (UC) 1st floor

When: Every Friday starting at 1:30pm

Daily five prayers

Where: Chapel - University Centre (UC) 5th floor

**Remember the Wudu facility for both Brothers and Sisters is located in the UC Basement across from Peter Clark Hall (PCH)

Bi-weekly Halaqas

Topic: Tafseer of the last 10 Suras of the Quran

When: Every other Wednesday at 7:30pm starting Wednesday 24th

These bi-weekly Halaqas are going to be led by Imam Sufyan Insha'Allah and attendance is for both brothers and sisters. We hope to see you all there so start marking down your calendars!

Social Events

Bi-weekly Social Hangouts (one for brothers and one for sisters):

The social hangouts are a great way for all muslims both on and off campus to get to know one another, connect and create long lasting friendships. Your MSA wants to strengthen the connection of its members to feel comfortable, happy and stress-free through various social events.

Please note that the hangouts are temporarily put on hold to prep for our up and coming Eid Dinner. They will resume shortly after and remember to stay tuned to our Facebook page for additional details.

Sisters only swim

Where: Red pool located in the campus Athletic Centre

When: Every Friday at 8pm to 9pm

The ease of exercising or even releasing some pent up energy in a sister friendly atmosphere every Friday night!

MSA Team 2014/15

The MSA team is comprised of both executives and directors. For details on who is part the MSA team and how to get in touch with them, please click on the link below:

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Get Involved!

We have lots of activities planned for the year and we will need your help to make sure that it is a success. If you would like to volunteer with us, please email our volunteer Coordinator Chay Governor