Music Manipulation

Manipulation of audio files

What is sampling?

Sampling audio files is when you take certain parts of a piece of music, you then compile this music together giving you a brand new set of music. It is also when you convert an audio file on your computer, it then takes 'snapshots' of the sound waves of the file, once the shots are taken the computer then converts the file back. However, once converting the music it will never sound exactly the same as the original, this is because the computer can not take shots of every single piece of the sound wave so hence some pieces of the music will always be lost.

What effect does sampling have on music?

When you convert an audio into a smaller size file you then start losing more pieces of the sound waves, therefore this decreases the quality of the music. But, if you were to make a larger file size this will make sure that the computer converts and keeps a lot more of the sound waves, doing this will make the piece of music sound much better and so it increases the quality of the file.

What is Bit Rate?

Bit Rate is when you convert audio file on your computer, the computer then sees that the sound waves have a certain number of bites per second that can be transmitted along a digital network - This is the Bit Rate.

How does the Bit Rate affect the sound of the music?

Just like sampling, when you convert an audio file the higher you convert the kbps (KiloBites Per Second) the better the sound quality of the music will be. However, once a piece of music is recorded you can never really change the kbps, you can just really make it sound better or worse. For example, in the number of 0 pixels in a photo, once the photo is taken you can not change the amount of pixels but it can be edited to improve or worsen the quality of the picture.