All About Me!

By: Rida Ayub


I love cupcakes more then anybody in the world. If cupcakes was a person, I'd marry it. I seriously love cupcakes.

My name is Rida!

My name is Rida and I love cupcakes. I am 12. I like to be creative and always am organized but sometimes forgetful. I have one brother and one sister. I am the oldest out of them. I was born May 5th in Pakistan. I don't have a favorite song or movie. That's some things about me!

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My favorite sport is Soccer

Things about me or what I like to do!

  • I am 12
  • I like to draw
  • I like to try new things
  • I don't have a favorite color or song
  • My favorite book is Divergent
  • I like to go outside
  • I like to hang out with my friends