Adopt a Grandparent

Be a part of the gift of giving this year

Annual Gift Drive

We always remember the children when it comes to gift giving during this time of year, but we don't always keep in mind the elders of our community. As we know, many of the residents of the nursing homes in our area will not receive any visitors or gifts this holiday season. For just $20, you can adopt a Grandparent and they will receive a beautifully wrapped gift this holiday season. The gift is an Arbonne Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème that they will be able to use and enjoy during the dry winter months. How blessed are we that we can do such great things for those in our loves and in our community?! Your help in this project is immeasurably appreciated!

2014 Goal:

Help me reach my goal to adopt 60 grandparents now-December 15th!

Adopt a grandparent for $20!

Adopt 5 grandparents for only $90!!!

Each gift will be hand-wrapped with a gift card (optional) noting your name as the giver. I look forward to hearing from you! I can't say THANK YOU enough for how you have changed the lives of those living in this area.

Contact me to Donate the gift of giving!

Courtney Lamont

Independent Arbonne Consultant