all my six poems

a bird

I am a bird

I see violence all over the woods

I hear my chicks talking

I love worms

I fear predators

I know that bees are good for food

I hate snakes

I remember every thing in the woods

I believe in freedom

I am a bird

i am poem personification line 3 and 9

Ferret theif

my ferret charlie

stole my socks

at my house

when I was sleeping

because he is a thief

sw poem metaphor line 5

a boy in a war


silent happy

woods survive live

bear stranded wolf war

death gun boom blood friend

bears attack survived helicopter spy silenced

rescue ambulance mom dad TV scared shocked

assassin sniper war end friendly destiney

story pyramid onomatopoeia line 5


a rusty red hatchet

a very old odd hatchet

dug up by my hands

a hatchet for chopping up wood

a hatchet to protect you from animals

see what I found poem alliteration line 1


one winter night

I saw a bright red coat that looked like a giant tomato

then I noticed a man as plump as a plum then I realized

it was st.nick on this cold winter night

free verse simile line 7


brave when plane crashes

red blood all over him

in need of a savior

always hungry

never gives up

acrostic hyperbole line 4