Bayou Jacks Ad Campaign

Ethan, Reid, Mason


Bayou Jack’s is a southern style seafood restaurant with a cajun aspect. They offer many different dishes such as Calamari,Alaskan Snow Crab, Alligator Nuggets, and Shrimp Scampi, as well as their desserts

Some excellent food products

Objective of Campaign

Our goal is to get the word of our business out. We want more business and eventually expand over the state. Hopefully with our advertising campaign we will draw in more customers and business

Company Analysis

    1. Background (History)- 3 locations, one in roanoke

    2. Mission/Vision- be the best cajun restaurant in texas

    3. Core Values-To have fun and eat with friends

    4. Past and Future Strategies for Success- facebook and twitter page

    5. Current Target Market- everyone who likes cajun food

    6. Bestselling product/service- Dirty Balls, crawfish, alligator nuggets

Competitive Analysis

    1. Direct Competitors


    1. Indirect Competitors

Salt grass steak house

Target Market

  1. Primary Target Market- mid aged adults looking for fine cajun food
  2. Secondary Target Market- teenagers on dates

Advertinsing Selection

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implementation Plan

    1. When-Probably a few days before a big deal

    2. Where- right off 114 or 377 to roanoke