LYNX Newsletter

June 2019, Volume 1, Number 10

Another Great Year Comes to a Close!

Year 2 (2018-19) of LYNX at Frederick High School officially winds down this month! Students still have opportunities in June to participate in events and interact with LYNX partners as they wrap up course work in their classes.

We look forward to seeing everyone again when we launch LYNX Year 3 (2019-20) on September 3, 2019!

End-of-Year Events Highlight LYNX Scholars!

FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) World Championship in Detroit, Michigan

Congrats to our Cadet Robotics rookie team for competing in the FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) World Championship in Detroit from April 24-27! Way to go, FHS LYNX scholars!
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Inaugural FHS "Job Fair" Connects Students with Employers

LYNX scholars visited with local employers, applied for summer jobs, and even set up interviews at the inaugural FHS job fair held during Connect and all lunch shifts!
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Aviation Series Culminates in Airport Experience

LYNX scholars explored the world of Aviation by visiting AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), the Frederick Airport, and Signature FDK. Scholars toured the airport and met the amazing staff at EAA, Bravo Flight School, and a panel from AOPA.

LYNX scholars explored the different steps of "Flight Planning" with AOPA volunteer Eryka Silva, and "Flight Simulation" with Jill Tallman. Scholars learned the importance of preparation for a safe flight.

Students also participated in a number of hands-on activities to learn about the construction of airplanes and looked at airplane ribs, rivets, a motor, and the different materials that enable a plane to fly.

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LYNX scholars walked through a "pre-flight check" with Jerry Blake of EAA and staff from Brenda Tibbs' "Bravo Flight School."
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Spring Research Festival at the National Cancer Institute

LYNX Scholars examined research posters from numerous labs and investigated cutting edge scientific lab equipment at the 2019 Spring Research Festival at NCI with LYNX Advocate Ms. Kathy Koops.

LYNX Scholars Host CEO of St. John Properties

LYNX Scholars from the Class of 2021, with LYNX Advocate Mr. Marlon Moran, engaged in a roundtable discussion with Mr. Edward St. John of St. John Properties and his colleagues.

Scholars discussed how they have pursued LYNX opportunities, such as block 5 offerings, LYNX online courses, and Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM), to advance their academic careers.

LYNX partners from AstraZeneca and Yakabod also briefed Mr. St. John on the advantages of LYNX partnerships in building Frederick's future workforce!

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LYNX Scholars Make College Connections!

Johns Hopkins University

LYNX scholars visited America’s first research institution, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore! Students explored their amazing research facilities and learned that Johns Hopkins offers academic flexibility and encourages investigation and collaboration.
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LYNX Experiences: Learning Beyond the Classroom

Upcoming Events:

June 3: CTR Laboratories (off-campus experience)

June 4: Plamondon Hospitality - Marriott Hotels, Roy Rogers (off-campus experience)

June 6: Independent Hose Company (off-campus experience)

June 6: The Kitchen Studio (off-campus experience)

June 7: Tropical Smoothie Cafe (off-campus experience)

June 12: Lilypons Water Gardens (off-campus experience)

LYNX Scholars Connect with LYNX Partners

All FHS students (grades 9-12) can sign up to attend LYNX experiences! Students and parents can explore current options on the LYNX Choice Board.

Flexible and Personalized Education at FHS

Frederick High School operates on an extended daily schedule.

All FHS students (grades 9-12) can choose a traditional, staggered, or extended schedule for the 2019-20 school year.

Block 5 classes: Semester II - Spring 2019 (2:20-3:40 pm)

*English 9 - Mr. Dale

*Algebra II - Ms. Ptak

*Foundations of Computer Science - Ms. Bearce

LYNX Learning Lab: Did you know?

All FHS students (grades 9-12) can come to the LYNX Learning Lab (media center) for tutoring, independent study, collaborative work, and guest presentations with LYNX partners.


Session I: 2:20 - 3:40 pm (daily)

FREE Dinner: 3:45-4:15 pm (daily) *bus at 4:15 pm

Session 2: 4:20 - 5:40 pm (T/W/R) *bus at 5:45 pm

Learning Lab Session 1 will run through the last full day for students. The last day for Session 2 will be Thursday, May 23.

Students should sign up before 2:15 pm on the day they plan to attend: Learning Lab Registration Form

Fast Fact

Through LYNX, students at FHS have the unique opportunity to pursue "Credit by Demonstrated Mastery" (CDM) for specific courses.

Any FHS student who wishes to pursue "Credit by Demonstrated Mastery" (CDM) for the upcoming school year should download the pre-approval form posted on the home page of the FHS website. The form is also located under the "LYNX" tab on that site:

Questions about the CDM process? Please contact Mrs. Lombardi, CDM Facilitator at FHS:

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