Napoleon Bonaparte

By: Ben Hedgecock

Napoleon Bonaparte

Born: Corsica, France, August 15, 1769

Died: The island of St. Helena, May 5, 1821, at the age of 51 years old.

Well he was short, stubby, and a very ambitious little man.


After the French Revolution, Napoleon took over France and proclaimed himself Emperor with the French army behind him no one could stop him from taking power, or challenge his claim. Then he started the biggest campaign the era had ever seen he took control of Italy, Austria, Prussia, Spain, part of Egypt, Syria, Belgium, Netherlands, and Poland. He was famous for pillaging, looting, and killing five million friends and foes, nor did he care when he did so. It took 6 coalitions of Prussia, England, and Austria to finally defeat Napoleon. He was exiled to the island of Elba, which he escaped and regained power in France. 100 days later the coalition got fed up and defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. He was exiled for a second time to the island of St. Helena, with five warships and three thousand British soldiers to guard him.


He was Emperor of France. He also took over most of Europe. He was a great commander of the French army. He was a tactical genius on the field of battle and off.


Herbs, amputations, and bleeding. Though for what he had all they could do was try and minimize the pain and let him die. After they put a salve on him he got even worse and bloated twice his size they had to pump out the puss and dark liquid out of his body.


He had Cancer. They could not do anything at all for him because they didn't even know what cancer was or how to treat it. The cancer was in his stomach where they always painted his hand in his paintings.

Disease treated today

Well we don't have a cure yet for cancer so we use very strong medicine in the shape of pills to at least prolong the persons life as long as possible. Though there are some very extreme cases where all we can do is wait for them to die. So pretty much we have advanced some what, but not as much as people hoped.