Collaborative e-journal


Project details

The aim of the collaborative project is to collect, arrange, create and publish a digital journal.

Subjects: Art, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT

Work process

Stages of the project will be structured as follows:
1. Collecting and sorting the information
  • Students find, select and organize material on the chosen topic;
  • Students brainstorm their ideas and prepare drafts of the article, respecting the journalistic approach they have chosen;
  • Students decide on the layout of the article and on the pictures, which will illustrate the ideas expressed in the text;
  • Teachers monitor pupils´ work, guide them through the process and help them cope with challenges of collaborative writing in a foreign language.
2. Publishing articles
  • When writing the final version of the article, pupils take into account the comments made by the other members of the team concerning the quality of the language, content, layout and pictures;
  • Students quote the sources of information provided in the article properly;
  • Teacher insert the article in the Twinspace;
  • Finally, teachers as administrators make their articles public.