Travel to the Nile

An Adventure Along The Nile River

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam was built through 1960-1970 and sits right next to a town. The terrain is very rough as well as the Nile get pretty wide here but it is still a nice place to be. This dam was built for two main reasons, it was built for hydroelectric power, and to control flooding. It does not pollute the water but it does decrease the number of fish. When the Egyptians were here there was a season where there was so much rain fall that the river would flood and they used this to there advantage. As time passed and the population increased the flooding became a problem, so this was the perfect solution. This dam is also near the east African drainage basin.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a big part of the Nile. Lake Victoria is the source of the white Nile. Lake Victoria was discovered in 1850 by an English explorer. Before him many have tried to find the source but were turned back by the rapids or the swamps. Egyptians thought the water source was from a spring, apparently, they were wrong. Even tho the river passes through 2 more lakes and also a water fall, Lake Victoria is a major part in this river.

The Great Bend Of The Nile

"The Great Bend" is the nickname of a big section of the river. This is near the boarder of Egypt after going "straight" for 800 miles it makes a big turn north and the back to south. For above this make look normal but on the ground this place holds great rapids and is highly dangerous. When they used to use boats to get along the Nile here it got so bad the boaters would get out of there boats and walk the rest due to the brutal terrain.

Cairo, Egypt

600 miles from the Aswan damn is Cairo, the capital of Egypt. This city is very densely populated with over 11 million people this is one of the biggest cites in the world. There are some problems tho. Cairo is getting most of its water from the Nile but with the city expanding this may bring trouble. Another issue is that they flush out sewage in the Nile which puts pressure on this ecosystem. This city may need to plan in advance to avoid problems.