Flint poisons residents

"damage irreversible "

Town faces crisis

The city of Flint , Michigan battles a water crisis. This crisis has been going on continuously for two years and has just recently been acknowledged by officials.

Evidence found shows governor Rick Snyder has ignored this issue. Their water has been contaminated for two years with lead. This began in April 2014 because the town switched its water supply to the Flint river , to save money. Although there were complaints soon after by residents about its smell and taste , they were ignored.

Studies shows that lead in water should not exceed fifteen parts per billion. However the lead count in the Flint water supple is one thousand per billion. This water is more poisonous than toxic waste. Even car companies stopped using this water to build their cars because it caused car parts to rust.

Not only did the Flunt government know about this poisonous water they tried to cover it up. They went as far as changing the lab results of the water tested from Flint. The residents were still forced to pay for this water. They were essentially paying to poison themselves.

"I feel completely helpless "

Melisa Mays a mother of three in Flint ,Michigan says " when I hear my son get up at night and cry because his bones hurt and there's nothing I can give him...I feel complete helpless". Mays has been drinking this water for five months. Her family as well has been drinking this water from the tap. Unbeknownst to them it was poisoned. She noticed her children suffered from memory and hair loss. They also experienced convulsions and skin lesions.

A governor in trouble

Rick Snyder the governor of Flint ,Michagan plays a major role in this crisis. He has tried to cover up the two years he has known about this poisoned water. Many residents have protested and plan to protest against him. All Snyder can do and has done is request a declaration of disaster from the president. However currently he has only been granted a state of emergency.