Canterbury Tale Project

Thomas Rushing

Canterbury Tale Prologue


There was a

police officer, a most brave man,

Who from the day on which he first began

To patrol had followed the law,

Truth, honor, to serve and protect all.

He had done right in this ill willed land

And drove in danger, with only pistol in hand,

As well in Crype as bloods places,

And ever honored for his honorable graces.

The officer adapts as would a ram

no situation is like the next jam

The officer's flared nostrils always points at harms direction

His eyes are fixed upon his district section by section

Much is expected, less is given

He works all night was past seven

some like him, others want him to be punished

those he helps often despises him they want to throw punches

but he goes out anyway no worry no tell

he gladly steps right into, their Hell

Brief Tale

There was a police officer a noble and ramlike fellow, one who followed the law and loved the people he served. While on patrol one day he heard his radio go on “armed robbery on 32nd street,” with all haste he hit the peddle and cranked his alarm on. The kind people of the city, always buzzing with life, did not even notice the commotion for a second. "it’s just a police car," they say, and with ever sloth like struggle they linger on without a moment's second look to the beeping officer who is trying to get through the crowd. As the officer steams by Maize bank a teller hears the commotion he ever so generously thinks to himself “There goes the third one today, I will never get anything done with all of this racket…” as he stamps bankrupt on John doe’s house that he lives in with his wife and kids.

The police officer pulls to the scene, other cars and swat are there. The shopkeeper stood at the door angry and protesting, “He broke a window and stole all of the money out of the vault, and cash register. I better have some sort of legal consultation”. The officer politely asks him questions about what happened, and in what direction the burglar went, as well as what model of car did he escape in . The swine like shopkeeper spoke “you better find him or I will report you”. The Officer simply smiled him off and continued his patrol , it was midnight.

As the officer was pulling out of the parking lot of the store he received another alert on his radio “disturbance in suburbs” as the officer put on his alarm again and went to the disturbance at the home. As the officer sped to the suburbs he noticed that EMS was at the local banktellers home he had just been found dead from a massive heart attack.

The officer slowed down on the side of the street at the house the noise was deafening he could already smell the pot and cocaine from the street. As he walked to the door and knocked on the door yelling “police, open the door” With no reply he busted through the door. The “party members” or rich teenagers were all smoking and drinking the house was a mess and no parent was in sight. one of the kids came up and said “What are you doing pig you have no right to break into my house, you just wait until my dad gets here, he’s got power you’ll be on the street with no job” As the officer collected the complaining kids and put them into the squad cars all he heard was complaints from the rich kids parents of how “special” their child was, and how he would never do such a thing, and how they were going to talk to the officer's superiors and have him fired.

As the last kid was sent home or to jail (depending on if they held narcotics) the officer went back on patrol through all the booking and arresting it was 4 a.m.

The officer was hungry and ready to eat but just as he was about to go get something he heard over his radio again the words an officer never wants to hear “Officer down back up needed at routine stop” As he sped forward with half of the county's police force behind him he saw what had happened an officer had pulled someone over went to the driver side to get their license and he got shot. The officer immediately pulled out his gun he saw the gunman trying to flee into the woods with one shot from his stun gun the gunman was down but just to be safe 2 others officers also shot into the gunman with their stun guns.

After arresting the gunman and putting him into the car the media showed up “Do you believe using 3 stun guns was an over use of force on the gunman” The officer waved them off and went on his way it was 6 30 A.M only 30 more minutes of patrol.

Fifteen minutes in as he was riding down the road seeing the first glimpse of sunlight and feeling the grip of exhaustion on his back he saw a car shoot out in front of him he stopped the car went up to the window as tedious and surreal as a ghost he looked at the lady and asked for her license and registration the lady replied “Do you not know how to say hey so rude”

Brief Analysis

Union County Canterbury tale brief analysis

The reason I chose a police officer as my character is because of how society treats them so hypocritically. I've been really frustrated as a person about all the hate that has been coming on police and even those in our armed forces. For me the it all came to a head when my brother- in- law ( who is a deputy) was at the gym lifting weights and working out he had on his union county sheriff shirt. A random man came up to him and said “I’m glad y'all are finally getting what y’all deserve,” and walked away (this was right after the big shooting at the recruiting office and when police were getting gunned down randomly in California). That’s why I wrote the poem more or less to vent a little bit of my frustration that I have received from the Media and the populace.

Police just try to do their jobs and apprehend suspects then the media and society makes things look different than they actually are. It isn’t even really the lies and slander that new media and people make that are bad it’s the fact that when those same people are in trouble like the people who make lies about police and how mean and brutal they are, when they are in need of help they will call upon police, fire department, ems or anybody without a moment's notice.

The reason i put the Bank teller, the Media, and the Rich kids into my story is to emphasize the different groups who always are looking to take advantage of the system for instance the Bank Teller was complaining about how loud the police and firefighter sirenes were. The Teller was obviously in that group of people who just didn't care really. The Teller was selfish,egotistical( he was at the top of the bank building), and he believed he was always right (notice he never asked anyone about bankrupting the family). This is a direct representation of most Americans today they want to be rich,have huge egos, and always be right.

The Rich kids were a fine example of my generation as a whole they've been brought up by people who don’t care, and are selfish so the new generation are going to follow in the footsteps of their parents and be selfish and have huge egos. When the police officer got into the house and saw the kids notice he never spoke a word all the kids had to do was see the officer and they started protesting him and yelling at him. Do you know why they did this?. It’s because in the back of their mind they need that the cocaine they were snorting and the marijuana that they were smoking was wrong the officer didn’t have to say a word. The kids starting saying they were going to tell their parents on the officer this shows the kids or my generation's immaturity we are always so quick to throw problems on our parents or our teachers for instance never have I heard it’s the student's fault for failing their history class every time I hear it, it is the teacher's fault which is a total lie.

The Gunman and the Media tie together. The reason police officers are so aggressive when they pull someone over and go to their window is because they have no idea who it is. It may be a felon, or it may be just an ordinary citizen, there is no telling. In the story the first officer which pulled over the gunman was shot and killed. All the officers went to that place to find the Gunman, they found him and brought him down with non lethal weapons. The Media came up and said “Why did the police officers use such deadly force?” for one they used no force at all everything was non lethal, second why didn't they ask about the officer's family or if he was alright or not.

This story was my way of just venting and trying to show the irony and hypocrisy of society towards police and other forms of rescue services. The police officer like a good one always did his job and always made his decisions based off of the law.