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January 8, 2015

Happy New Year!

Our 2G reporters have been working hard to bring you this week's news! Enjoy!

Reader's CAFE: Fact and Opinion Jellyfish~ By Colin

This week in school we learned about jellyfish. I learned that they are not fish and I taught my class that the deeper the ocean gets, the brighter the jellyfish is. It is pretty fun learning about jellyfish. My opinion is it's not cool to touch, but cool to learn about and see! Jellyfish are realy fun to learn about. One jelly was as big as a blue whale! That was my favorite fact of the school week. It was a pretty good fact.

Everyday Math 4: Unit 4 - Place Value and Measurement

This week in math we focused on numeration, place value, using place value to compare numbers, and using base ten blocks to show numbers. Next week we will begin working with measurement as we explore inches and centimeters.

Writer's Workshop: Roller Coasters, Force, and Motion~ By Alyce

This week in school we learned about roller coasters. The first thing we did is read a book about roller coasters. In the book we stopped and thought and used expert words like gravity, force, motion, and pull. Last, we got to right about roller coasters. I had so much fun writing about roller coasters. One day I want to ride a roller coaster!

Check out the link below to ride the virtual roller coaster we experienced this week!

Can you Crack the Case? By Mimi

This week in school we did fact and opinion detective work. We had partners. It was so fun. We had our own detective journals. WE write the witnesses' facts and opinions in one detective journal. The first example was called "Shopkins Un-Shopped"! We had some suspects: Cowgirl Sal, Fifi French, Gangster Gary, Old Henry, Mr. Friendly, Robber Rob, Purpletta, and Madam X. I think those are the suspects. Have you ever done detective work?

Go NoOdle~ By Tommy

This week in school we did field trip on Go Noodle. Field Trip is a running game where you can either jump duck left right .Also we had to answer questions about are lad reports.When we were done the game told us about the armpit.It was funny.We had so much fun this week.

For Your Calendar

1/11 Noontime Enrichment Begins

1/12 Winter Concert, 730 PM, HMHS-See Information Below

1/14 School Store, 1150-1240

1/14 Kindergarten Information Night 7 PM, EH APR

1/18 School Closed, MLK Day

1/20 School Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

1/21 Kindergarten Registration Begins