Mothers Day!

To all Mothers

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What moms need!

Mothers need more than just a day for all they do for their kids and their community. But they only get one day out of the year for their kids and friends to give what they've been giving for years in just one day! I think it should be for more than a day more like a week!
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What most moms do everyday.

Most moms clean the entire house, cook, make your beds, fold your clothes, wash your clothes, help you with your homework, and make you feel better when some other people make you mad or sad. and some moms even work during mothers day!

What you can do to help your mom during Mothers Day. May 12!

here's a few ways you can make your moms day the perfect day! you can start by making her breakfast in bed, clean the house early in the morning, find a good movie to put on while your mom lays back in bed or in the living room, dust and do dishes, and just make it where she doesn't have to lift a finger all day or worry about anything.