Ipad Expectations

Device Safety at School and Home

  • keep cover closed with straps when not in use
  • carry with two hands at all times
  • keep in backback on the bus
  • keep water bottles, lunch bags, and wet winter clothing in a seperate bag from ipad

Home Responsibilities

  • bring fully charged ipad to school each day
  • leave charger at home in a safe location - away from animals or brothers and sisters
  • use ipad for educational/school purposes only
  • parents should monitor home useage of internet for appropriateness
  • follow District User Agreement
  • school approved apps are the only apps approved to be on ipads
  • student identification tag should be kept in iPad case at all times - this helps identify each iPad

Caring for iPad

  • personal cases are not allowed - iPads must remian in district issued case at all times
  • defacing iPad case/ipad is prohibited (ex. stickers are not allowed to be placed on case or ipad for any reason)
  • wipe ipad screen with soft, lint-free cloth. Abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, and similar items may cause damage to the item
  • spray cleaners should not be used on iPads
  • power down ipad each night
  • keep liquids away from iPad

Failure to follow these recommendations could result in having to pay a replacement cost for damaged or defaced iPads.