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Matcha Tea Powder: The Best Variety of Green Tea

Green teas are consumed all over the world due to their refreshing effect and various health benefits. As brewed water, green tea is simply an infusion, where the leaves are later discarded. It means you loose all those essential nutrients which these leaves contain. Another alternative is that the tea is consumed in powdered form by whisking the powder up with hot water so that the leaves and the nutrients present can be consumed as whole. To get the maximum health benefits of green tea leaves, full up to their potential production this is a perfect idea. Uniquely produced in Japan, this tea variety is known as matcha. Special care is taken to produce such tea crops. Organic ways are followed to raise the crop and these are grown under shade. After this, the product you get comes from only those tea leaves and buds which are fresh, young and fine in quality.

Directly sourced from Japan, this tea variety is today distributed all over the world. Due to astounding health benefits, matcha is not just confined to Japanese tradition. Researches have revealed that no existing green tea comprises of the essential nutrients matcha Green Tea Powder contains. The nutrients like amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, fibers, vitamins, folic acid, fluorine, minerals and caffeine are available in abundance. The presence of so many nutrients enhances metabolism, reduces fats, prevents cardiovascular diseases, maintains cholesterol and sugar level and enhances the immune system of body. Also, it keeps body fit and active for everyday’s routine, reduces stress and enhances mood. Such a nutrient rich product reaches to the customer only if it is prepared in attentive and careful manner. To enhance the amino acid and chlorophyll content the tea crops are kept safe from the direct sun and no chemical fertilizers used. These are finely picked, slightly steamed and dried in air. Later all the unwanted parts like stems and veins are removed as such these can degrade the quality of powder. By carefully grinding the leaves with granite stones, fine textured and talc-like green powder is produced. Later, the tea is packed delicately so that the nutrients are not lost and remain safely packaged.

The green teas, offer you a slightly bitter taste with vegetal notes. However, matcha tea is also initially bitter in taste and later leaves sweet taste. There are various ways to prepare matcha but the final tea prepared looks frothy, full green in color and free from lumps.

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Benefits of Green Tea improve brain function and make you smarter than others. Many people are saying than it is very productive rather than coffee.

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