HCS Student Newsletter

Important Information From Mrs. Klaehn

June 13, 2021

You Did It!


This is it; the last student newsletter of the 2020-21 School Year. I don't know about you, but I am ready! I say this, of course, but on July 6th, when I return to school from a few days off, it will feel too quiet and too lonely, because none of you are there!

I know it was a tough year, but I am so incredibly proud of you. Next year will be different. I'm not sure what it will look like, but I know it won't be anything like this year. That means it's going to require adjustment. Again.

Take some time this summer to enjoy the outdoors, read some good books, and rest. You deserve it, and when September comes around again, we will hit the ground running.

Thank you for making a difficult year a little more bearable simply by showing up and being yourselves! Have a great summer.


Mrs. Klaehn

End of Year Device Turn-In

On your last day of instruction at HCS, your teachers will be collecting your devices. Please be sure to bring any random charging cords you may have collected, or any hotspots that you have borrowed, in to school with you. If you don't, we're going to be calling you all summer long to get them back!

Teacher of the Month~Last One of the Year!

Want to nominate one of your teachers for Teacher of the Month? Use this form to identify a teacher who goes above and beyond for their students! I tell them they're amazing all the time, but it's more meaningful when it comes from YOU. See past recipients below:

November: Mr. Stewart

December: Mr. Buckley

January: Mrs. Rose

February: It was a TIE for Miss Markowitz and Mrs. Barefoot

March: Mr. Ingalls

April: Mrs. Hensler

May: Miss Sherman

I cannot begin to stress to you how appreciated and valued your teachers feel when you acknowledge them; thank you!

Please complete the form by 9am on Tuesday, June 15th so I can announce this month's recipient at our Faculty Meeting!


Monday, June 14
  • Cohort 1
  • Last day for TCC students to report to Tech Center
  • 11th grade TCC students planning to come in later after 6/14 should notify the attendance office
  • 12th grade TCC students planning to leave early after 6/14 should notify the attendance office
  • Students without transportation after 6/14 will be housed in the library when they do not have scheduled classes

Tuesday, June 15

  • Cohort 2

Wednesday, June 16

  • Cohort 1
  • Last day for students receiving "extra day" to attend on non-cohort days of instruction

Thursday, June 17:

  • 6th grade, Cohort 2,
  • no instruction for 7-12 unless testing
~English Regents Exam & Gemini Calculus Final Exam, 7:45 am

Friday, June 18

  • 6-12 day of instruction for Cohort 2

Monday, June 21

  • 6-12 day of instruction for Cohort 1
  • All seniors (Cohorts 1 and 2) invited to attend periods 1-4 and engage in afternoon class activities
  • Class of 2021 Slip & Slide on back lawn @ 1pm (thank you Jim and Christy Helling)

Tuesday, June 22

  • 6th grade Cohort 2
  • no instruction for 7-12 unless testing
~Living Environment Regents Exam, 7:45 am

Wednesday, June 23

  • 6th grade Cohort 1
  • no instruction for 7-12 unless testing
~Algebra 1 Regents Exam, 7:45 am

Thursday, June 24

  • no instruction for 6-12 unless testing
~Earth Science Regents Exam, 7:45 am

Friday, June 25

  • no instruction 6-12
  • Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal 9-10:30 am @ auditorium
  • Graduation 7pm @ HCS Auditorium for ticket holders only

Exam Scores/Exemptions

As I have previously communicated, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the inability for schools to hold in-person instruction every day for all students, has prompted the cancellation of several exams, with the exception of those that are federally mandated (listed above). Although we are offering these exams, no student will be forced to sit for Regents exams in June of 2021.

Students who have a passing average in courses traditionally culminating in Regents exams, whether they are offered or cancelled, and whether students take the exams or not, will receive an EXEMPTION on their transcripts. Any students who sit for the exams and wish to have their test scores on transcripts must notify the counseling office by June 30, 2021.

Students who have been identified for summer school have received notification. Those who attend and receive passing scores will receive EXEMPTIONS for August 2021 Regents exams.

Please contact the counseling office or the secondary office with any questions you have; we know it's confusing!


If you happen to see these teachers in the halls, congratulate them and wish them well in their retirement! They have dedicated many years to HCS, and we will miss them!

Mrs. Alden, Art

Mr. Williams, Art

Mrs. Wood, Instrumental Music

Mr. Lacitignola, Library

Mrs. Hodgeman, Family and Consumer Science

Mrs. Malloy, Special Education

Mr. Shaver, Teaching Assistant

Have a Great Summer!