Connection Points

Fall 2021

Mask Update

The Shelby County Health Department mask mandate is currently in effect through September 30. If it is extended, we will continue to request that students wear masks until the mandate is lifted. Collierville First Baptist Church has asked that we comply with these mandates as a requirement for use of their facility. The Connection would much rather meet with students in person as opposed to online!

Please help us by reminding your students to wear their masks to classes. We have disposable masks available for students who are in need of one. Even if your student has an exemption, it would be greatly appreciated if they wore their masks while entering and exiting the building.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding!

Classroom Fun!

Fall Break

Fall Break will be October 11-15. There will be no Connection classes that week. We hope that you will have a chance to enjoy some great weather with your family!
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