Terific New Orleans

should you go to New Orleans?

Delisious delights

The food in New Orleans is amazing and full of culture. In New Orleans the biggest attraction is the food. The city’s French, Spanish, and African heritage produced different styles of cooking. (Page 16) New Orleans specialty is po’boys which is a loaf of French bread filled with meat, or seafood with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mayonnaise. (Page 49-50) New Orleans has a rich tradition of good food like gumbo, beignets, po’boys, and muffulettas. (Page 49-51-16)

Jazz was born

Jazz was born in New Orleans. New Orleans also prides itself to its music. It’s the city where jazz was born. It’s mixed with a little bit of this and that, also marching bands play jazz at parades. (Page 17) One way people learned about New Orleans is threw jazz. An even better way to learn about their history is threw original jazz songs. (Page 46) On the streets of New Orleans, jazz is played everywhere you go.

Festive Festivals

New Orleans has cool festivals and parades. Mardi Gras lasts two weeks and started in 1857 when a group of young men called themselves Mystick krewe of Comos organized parades. (Page 44) The New Orleans jazz and heritage festival, the cities second largest festival, takes place one month later than Mardi Gras. (Page 46) Shortly after Easter, a parade and crowling of a Queen Rick off New Orleans third major festival. For five days of spring Fiesta visitors can tour some of the houses from New Orleans past that are normally closed off to the public. (Page 47)