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Week of October 22, 2018


CONGRATULATIONS to the Morgan Elementary Community for reaching our fundraising goal for the 2018-2019 school year!

The Color Run was a great success, with students, staff and parents enjoying the day and joining in on the fun. There are pictures posted further down in this newsletter from the event.

Our total from the Color Run as of 11:30 AM on Friday, Oct. 19, was just over $28,400!! Add the Penny Wars and Classroom t-Shirt sales and we have reached, if not surpassed, our goal! That means there is no more active fundraising for this school year!

As we settle from the event, I will begin to schedule students for morning announcements and Principal for the Day. I will email parents with a scheduled date once I have a calendar established. Looking to start at the start of the second marking period, which is 2 weeks away.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Lasky

Morgan Color Run

What a great day! To quote one Morgan student: "This is the best fundraiser ever!"

We agree! Everyone had fun during the run, helping squirt color, getting covered with color, and running together with our friends and classmates!

THANK YOU to everyone in the Morgan Community who volunteered, donated, participated or came to watch our kids enjoy the day!

Class T-Shirts


We extended the date to Wednesday, October 24! This is our final date to collect t-shirt orders for this year. Once the order is placed, there will not be any further orders. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a memory from your child's 2018-2019 school year at Morgan!

Extra order forms are in the Main Office.

End-of-Day Changes

Pink Notes are Delivered at 3:00 PM!

Each day, our main office receives phone calls throughout the day regarding changes in dismissal routines. We understand plans can change and your child may need to take the bus home instead of going to SACC, or know that someone will be there to pick them up instead of going on the bus.

Please know that if you make changes in dismissal plans AFTER 3 PM, it is NOT guaranteed that your student will receive the message in time. Several classes are returning from specials or coming in from recess with only 5 minutes before the dismissal bell rings.

Our main office makes every effort to call into the classroom or announce changes overhead, but the BEST way to let you child know of a change in routine is to call before 3 PM so we can send a pink reminder note to the classroom. Teachers see the pink note and know to get that message to the child right away.

Also, if your child tells us of a change in dismissal and the teacher or main office does not have a note or email to confirm this change, our staff will follow regular dismissal routine for that child. Example: a 6-year-old tells their teacher that mom said she was going to pick them up after school today when normally, the child rides the bus. During dismissal, no parent arrives to pick up and the teacher/office received no notice of the change. The child will then take the bus as usual.

Please let us know of any changes in advance so we can help your child get where they need to go safely after school each day.

After-School Activities

Morgan is a VERY busy place after school throughout the week. We have community education classes, clubs, scout troops, meetings and so much more happening each day. This is in addition to our SACC group, which is here until 6 PM every weekday at Morgan.

Please note that due to safety precautions, our SACC team is NOT ALLOWED to let non-SACC parents into Morgan during SACC hours, even if your child is here for an after-school activity. We have also watched parents slip in to the school, following SACC parents who are arriving to pick up their SACC students.

Check with the leader/organizer of the after-school activity your child attends for pick up information at the end of the activity. The leader/organizer should be bringing students to you either out door 7, or to the lobby and dismissing to parents OUTSIDE of door 1.

Please know that while this may seem like an inconvenience to you, our SACC team is looking out for all Morgan kids' safety and security, even after school. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Costume Guidelines and Parade Information


We welcome moms, dads, grandparents and family members to join Morgan Elementary School for a morning of Halloween fun on October 31st. However, we do ask that you help us ensure a successful and safe day by following a few guidelines….

· Please do not arrive prior to 10:30 a.m. on the 31st unless you are helping with a classroom party. Our students will be involved in classroom instruction up to that time.

· Please check-in at our welcome station upon arrival. In addition, if you are wearing a costume yourself, let your child’s teacher know who you are. No adults in masks please.

· The optimum location for spectator viewing will be in the gym.

· After the parade, we will NOT be calling classroom for early dismissal. Instead, please arrange a meeting place outside of the building to meet your child during dismissal. We will ask that parents exit the gymnasium and lobby area at the conclusion of the parade so students may exit the building safely during dismissal.

· The following is an approximate schedule for Wednesday, October 31st:

10:45 a.m. PARADE BEGINS—11:29 a.m. DISMISSAL


Halloween is a favorite holiday for many children. Not only do they love to participate, but they also take great pleasure in planning for the occasion. Again this year, our school is stressing “positive participation” during the Halloween celebration (s) at Morgan Elementary School. As always, we are urging children to model their costumes on positive role models. Book characters, historical figures, period costumes, and folk heroes are all great ideas to consider when thinking of that perfect costume. We hope that children will design costumes that reflect the joy, wonder and imagination that childhood represents.

All of us at Morgan Elementary work diligently to teach children how to solve problems in a non-violent way. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE CHILDREN DRESSED AS PERPETRATORS OR VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE. This includes props and accessories related to blood, gore, and weapons. On the morning of October 31st, changing rooms and time to dress will be limited, so minimally-complicated costumes should be considered.

Mark Your Calendar!

Calendar Dates

Mark these dates on your calendar:

Friday, October 19: Morgan Elementary Color Run 12:45 PM

Monday, October 22: PTO meeting 6:30 PM @ Hamlin Pub

Friday, October 26: Firehouse Sub Restaurant Night 4-9 PM at the Rochester Hills location

Wednesday, October 31: 1/2 Day of School--Students dismissed at 11:29 AM.

Morgan Annual Halloween Parade 10:45 AM

McDonald's Restaurant Day from 11 AM - 2 PM at the 26 Mile Road location

Tuesday, November 6: No School for all students.

Wednesday, November 14: Conference Evening--Teachers will be sending home letters in October to set up conference times.

Thursday, November 15: 1/2 Day of School--Students dismissed at 11:29 AM. Parent-Teacher Conferences in the afternoon and evening. Teachers will be sending home letters in October to set up conference times.

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UCS News and Updates

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UCS Texting Updates

Morgan Elementary and Utica Community Schools have a service for parents who would like information texted directly to them. The texting service provides school news and announcements, district information such as emergency school closing situations, or updates issued from UCS departments, such as transportation. To join this system, please text “Y” to 67587.

Note – if you have previously registered for this system and are not receiving texts from our school or UCS, please contact the school office to ensure we have your most recent cell phone number is on file.

Utica Community Schools Bond Proposal

Safety, technology and infrastructure improvements highlight Nov. 6 Bond Proposal

The Utica Community Schools Board of Education has unanimously (7-0) approved placing a $155 million bond proposal on the November 6 ballot to address safety and security, technology and infrastructure improvements identified through the district’s strategic, long-range facility improvement program.

“The bond proposal will allow us to continue providing an environment that supports the academic excellence for students that our community expects and deserves,” Board of Education president Gene Klida said. “The bond projects address safety and security and infrastructure priorities that directly impact our classrooms. The projects also provide our teachers the tools they need to drive learning and develop the job skills that businesses need to build our economy.”

Voter approval of the bond proposal has been structured to keep the tax rate at or below the current level.

The bond proposal will affect each UCS student and every UCS school and school facility.

The ballot proposal states that that the bond proposal will provide for:

1. making safety and security improvements, including cameras and door-locking systems;

2. equipping, furnishing, re-equipping and refurnishing school district buildings, facilities, and structures, and acquiring school buses and technology equipment;

3. constructing additions to and/or remodeling school district buildings; and

4. improving and developing sites, including playgrounds, athletic fields, facilities, and structures in the school district.

“Safe and secure schools are a top priority for our community and our district,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said. “The improvements in this bond proposal are a key piece to our collaborative efforts with local law enforcement to continue to keep our schools safe places for students and staff.”

Technology improvements provide students and teachers the resources to support learning, including key areas of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the integration of skills that ensure success in college and career.

The infrastructure projects also support the district’s long-range improvement programs in key areas of roofing, paving and the replacement of buses.

Board of Education Treasurer Dr. Robert Ross emphasized that voter approval of the bond proposal has been structured to not increase the current tax rate.

“Through solid fiscal planning, this bond issue has been designed to ensure we can address our facility priorities at or below our current millage level,” Dr. Ross said.

Dr. Ross added that the improvements will allow the district to extend the life of current school buildings and protect the investment the community has made in its facilities.

“Area realtors are clear that the strength of Utica Community Schools protects property values and draws new families and businesses to the communities we serve,” he said.

Dr. Ross noted that by law the bond revenue will be used only for capital improvements and may be not used for operating expenses, such as salaries or utilities.

“It is important that our taxpayers know that all revenue must be used for the purposes that are specified in the bond proposal and the expenditures are independently audited,” he said.

More information and an overview of projects are available on the district’s website at

UCS Bond Proposal

This link will provide you with additional information and frequently asked questions relating to the 2018 Bond Proposal.

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Check here each week for information about our PTO, including upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and fundraisers.
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Monday, October 22 starting at 6:30 PM

The second PTO meeting of the 2018-2019 school year will be Monday, October 22, starting at 6:30 PM at the Hamlin Pub on 25 Mile Road/VanDyke. Hope to see many of you there!

Congratulations to U of M as they won the Penny Wars.

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Firehouse Subs Restaurant Night

Friday, October 26th

4 - 9 p.m.

1480 N. Rochester Road, Rochester Hills

Come support a Morgan family-owned business and Morgan PTO at the same time!

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McDonald's Restaurant Day--October 31

Wednesday, October 31st, 11a.m. - 2 p.m.

McDonald's 26 Mile Rd., Shelby Twp. (west side of Van Dyke)

Join us at McDonald's on our 1/2 day of school, and they will donate 15% back to Morgan Volunteers. Flyer is NOT required.

Morgan Volunteers PTO Webpage

Click here to visit the Morgan Volunteers PTO web page and register for updates and volunteer information. Please update your family information each school year.

Morgan Elementary

Mission: Morgan is dedicated to developing lifelong learners through the working relationship of students, staff, and community.

Vision: We are a community of compassionate, committed professionals and learners who become academically successful through collaboration, ownership, and perseverance.