The Molar the Merrier

Orthodontists are Important

Orthodontists are people who work on straightening teeth. They are different from dentists because they do not clean teeth they fix them. They also work with dentists to see what is best for the patient.


To be an orthodontist you need a lot of knowledge. Some things you would need to know would be about teeth and the human body, business for financial decisions, math and science, and attention to detail.


To be an orthodontists you need some important personality traits. One of these traits is integrity, it is important because you always need to be truthful. Another trait is dependability, I would need to be responsible. The last trait would be initiative, I would need to take charge whenever.


I would need to learn how to use a lot of different technologies. One of the technology's I would need to know is medical equipment. Another piece of technology would be photo imaging software.

Extra Information

The schooling for an orthodontist is post-doctoral schooling. The outlook on the career is bright. The salary for orthodontists are $187,200+ a year.