California Morning News

Thursday, February 28th, 4019

Our Personal Interview with Jenna Fox

CMN: How did you find out that you were made out of Bio Gel?
Jenna Fox: Well, I was in my mother, Claire's room and I found a key under the corner of her mattress. What else was I going to do? Of course, the first thing that I would do would be to figure out what the key belonged to, so I did! It belonged to a closet that contained three computers each with information about my two former best friends, Kara Manning and Locke Jenkins. Sadly, after the accident, they both died. I found the computer that said Jenna Angeline Fox and tried to unscrew it from the table. While trying to pull the computer from the table, I cut myself but was surprised to find that with a cut that deep, only a small amount of blood dropped out of the wound. The cut was so deep that I could actually see the Bio Gel. Father later stapled the cut.
CMN: What did it feel like after you were told about having a shelf life?
Jenna Fox: I started laughing at first. I thought it was hilarious, but then it began to dawn on me that maybe having a set amount of time to live wouldn't be as funny as I thought. I realized that I could live for two or two hundred years! I also had to be in a certain climate for the Bio Gel to actually last. We used to live in Boston before the accident, but since we had to make sure we were in the right climate. That's why we moved to California.
CMN: How long were you in a coma?
Jenna Fox: I was in a coma for over a year. Even though I was unconscious, I could still hear some of the conversations of others around me.
CMN: Can you explain to us exactly what the accident was?

Jenna Fox: At first, I hadn't known what had happened, but then I found out at Mr. Bender's house. I fobbed to him that my Netbook wasn't working and asked to use his. I had a lock on my Netbook that didn't allow me to research certain information, and I wanted to find out more about the accident and what happened, so I used his Netbook. I used certain words and phrases to reach the information that I needed. I found an article that explained that Kara, Locke, and I were in a car accident. The BMW that was registered to Father exploded, leaving very little evidence for investigators.

CMN: What started the accident in the first place?

Jenna Fox: My mother didn't want me to go to a party, but I did anyway. I gave Kara the keys to start my father's Beemer, and Kara, Locke, and I went to the party. On our way back from the party, though, the car went off course and exploded causing a fire.

CMN: Who was Mr. Bender?

Jenna Fox: Mr. Bender was the first real friend that I made after coming back from the hospital. When I first met him, he was creating the Pine Serpent. The Pine Serpent was a piece of artwork shaped like a snake. He created it out of objects from Mother Nature.

CMN: How much of your body isn't made out of Bio Gel?

Jenna Fox: My mother explained to me that only ten percent of my brain isn't Bio Gel... the other ninety percent was uploaded information. Mother told me that the most important ten percent of my brain was saved though- the butterfly.

CMN: Who was Ethan?

Jenna Fox: *Jenna begins to tear up* I'm sorry... I-I-I just loved him very much. We had an interesting relationship. In school, when I didn't interrupt him, he got worried, but when I did interrupt him, he would get upset with me. We did spend a good seventy years together. He also did get arrested for almost murdering a guy who dealt Ethan's brother a drug.

CMN: Who was Dane?

Jenna Fox: Dane was a strange person. He always used to wear white and he had bleach white hair. He also lived in this mysterious white house at the end of the street, which Mr. Bender told me to stay away from. Whenever he smiled, he always had an empty look in his eyes when he smiled.

CMN: Can you tell us us about Allys?

Jenna Fox: I currently live with her and my daughter, Kayla. I have known Allys for decades, now. Allys used to prosthetic limbs, but her parents contacted my father, so now she is also made of Bio Gel.

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Kara Manning

Kara Manning was a wonderful friend of Jenna Fox (mentioned above), who sadly suffered death three weeks after the accident when her family removed life support. Jenna Fox, Locke Jenkins, and Kara Manning were in a car accident. Fox's father's BMW was being used by the three teenagers. The BMW exploded, leaving very little evidence for reporters, investigators, and researchers. Manning's favorite color was red. Her favorite hobby was shopping with Jenna.
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National News

The FSEB Decides to Alter Bio Gel Laws

Last week, we spoke to Trisha Karnik, employee of FSEB(Federal Science Ethics Board). She says that the laws have been greatly altered. Now the FSEB allows people to be up to 99% Bio Gel, and they will still be considered human. When you reach the age of 15, you sign a mandatory DNR form which will tell doctors whether or not you should be saved. Karnik states that a person is considered human if they have even 0.1% actual human parts. If they are 100% a lab creation, they would not be considered human because they would be made completely of Bio Gel and they would have a completely uploaded brain. The consequences of being 100% Bio Gel or lab creation will be living in isolation until you pass.


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