John Locke

Known as "the analytic philosophy of mind"

By: Kylie Fermin 5th period


John Locke was born on August, 29, 1632 in Wrington, Somersetshire. Locke then died in Oates, Essex, on October 28th in 1704. He has a total lifespan of 72 years. John Locke was the son of a Puritan attorney. His father was a lawyer and government official. Locke was educated by Puritans at Westminster. John also studied math and medicine at Christ Church College in Oxford. John Locke is known for writing the philosophy that there was not a legitimate government under the divine right of kings theory.

Beliefs on Government

My figure John Locke believed that the idea that the power to govern was gained from the permission of the people.


John Locke said that natural rights were life, liberty, and property and that all people automatically got this when they were born.

An Opponent

Thomas Hobbes was John Locke's opponent because he believed the "state of nature" is brutal and wrong. His negative view made him conclude that society needed a strong king. John Locke believed the "state of nature" was good.

Most Popular Work

My figure, John Locke, is known for writing "Essay Concerning Human Understanding" because it is about what aspects men were capable of comprehending and which exceeded his power.
Three Minute Philosophy - John Locke