suger in sodas

by raphaella.rehberg and tristin marie

what this is about

this is about how much sugar is in each drink. we will look and see which one has more sugar,coke,dr pepper,7up,and lemonade. now lets get stared.


what do you think you should drink more of? you might think lemonade or coke. well you should drink more of dr.pepper or lemonade because it has less surges in it, they have 27grams of sugar in up has 27grams in it and coke has 65 grams of sugar.

how we got this

we found out how meany grams are in each drink. then put them in to proportions. then found out how much sugar was in all. then we got our answer.

lemonade vs coke

what do you think? do you think that coke is less then lemonade well lets find out. we think that you should drink more of lemonade because it has 27grams of sugar in it and coke has 65 grams of sugar in it.

the end

thank you for reading this i hope you learned something from this.