Dashing Away From the Olympics

Maddie Keele

Background Information

In early December 2014, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) met in Europe to discuss the athletics program to be tightened. This would allow other sports to be added to the Olympics schedule.The sports/activities they are looking into adding is karate, surfing, and squash to help attract a younger crowd. The four key events (200 m, shot put, triple jump, one race walk, and the 10,000 m run) are now in jeopardy.

Bolt from the blue: 200 metres and triple jump


The articles perspective is more supportive about keeping the 10,000 m run than the other events like the 200 m. Its view on the triple jump is that it should stay because all 6 continents do well in the event. It has bias by omission because it only supports one side of the argument and leaves out support for keeping the 200. This article provides Historical Criticism by talking about Usain Bolt's success with the 200 in the past and other continents success in the triple jump.

IOC Talks To Remove 200 And Triple Jump From Olympics


The author's perspective is that they are shocked that the 200 and the shot put may be eliminated from the Olympics. Over the last few games, they have been some of the most exciting events. The main bias is bias by selection of sources because they only cite articles that believe the 200 and the shot put shouldn't be eliminated. This only shows one side of the argument. This article shows Marxist Criticism because people with power and money are making all the decisions.

IOC Interview


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