Commercial & Industrial Designers


The Career

There are many different jobs that go into the design of a home, including interior designers, contractors, real estate agents, and many more. The housing design career I am choosing to focus on, is a commercial and industrial designer. These kinds of jobs include textile design, silver design, commercial interior design, and even decorative metalworks design! These types of workers do things such as coordinate how a certain product works and functions, fabricates model samples in multiple materials using both hand and power tools, and design graphic material to use as illustration or advertising. The amount of money these workers make annually is between $39,170 and $112,610. To get that money, however, they need certain skills like design, engineering, production, processing, mechanical working, and electronic knowledge, as well as a four-year bachelor's degree. They also need to be able to think critically, listen actively, know how to solve complex problems, and be able to make good decisions.

The School

There are many colleges you could get into in order to get the education you need to become a commercial and industrial designer, one of them being Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. To get in, you need to have 18 units of high school work, 4 english units, 3 math units, 2 lab science units, 2 social science units, 3 language units, and 4 elective units. You also need a GPA of 3.84-4.27 and an SAT score of 1160-1340. The cost of tuition per year is $20,711, which includes lodging and food. You can find out more about the admission details at .
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The Association

Finally, we get to the businesses! There are multiple businesses all over the world that specialize in commercial and industrial design, and this next company specializes in decorative metals such as post caps, pipe fittings, and handrails. The reason I chose this specific company, known as King Architectural Metals, is be cause of the effort the put into reducing the impact of their carbon footprint. Some of their efforts to do this include making all of their steel castings from recycled post-industrial materials, using all scrap metal to put into new products, and even offering to properly dispose of any batteries you give them! You can find out more about this business on their website at .
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