November 17-24, 2014


  • ACC MATH 5&6 class has completed the last two lessons of the book 5B. I will dedicate the following week to review the topics that we learned so far this year.

  • FLIP BOOK PROJECT: Tomorrow (Monday, November 17, 2014), students will be assigned flip book project. They will create 3 flip books; one for decimals-fractions-percents, one for properties of angles and four sided shapes and one for perimeter-area-volume. Students will be given construction papers, ziplock bags full of with definitions and examples of each topic. They will cut and match the title of topic, definition and example and then glue them on their flip book. After the projects are graded, I would like them to hang their flip books on their room in order to keep the books as a reference for the future.
    More info will be given in class.

  • FSA-connect online assessment tool: This week we will spend 2 periods of our class time in media center. Students will have chance to do online practice. I will assign classwork via FSA-Connect assessment tool. While the whole class is practicing, I will be pulling out students to talk one-on-one about their previous MAP test scores and strategies to increase their online test performances.

  • All teachers are informed that the winter MAP testing will be administering starting on first week of December.

  • Math tutoring: Every day during recess/lunch and every Thursday after school between 3:40-4:20 (Students will sign up.)


  • Have them practice on EPGY daily or have them spend at least 2 hours in a week.
  • Please check FSA-Connect daily for lesson notes and homework assignments.

Have a great week.....