Mood Disorders

By: Spain, Jones, Randazzo 4th period

Similarities to other disorders

Mood disorder is similar to bipolar disorder, and manic depression. Many symptoms of bipolarness include a fast change of one's emotion. With mood disorders, this mood may change and stay the same for a long period of time.

Symptoms and Signs of Mood Disorder

Some effects of mood disorder may include continued sadness, changes in sleep patterns and ones appetite. Emotions that may show irritation, anger, worried. Many times negative energy. Lack of energy, as if you are dull. Feeling as it you are guilty, or even worthless. Being unable to concentrate. Being unable to explain aches and pains. Often, reoccuring thoughts of death, sometimes suicide.

Treatment for Mood Disorder

It is highly curable, probably the easiest to cure. Many times people go to a type of therapy, were they are able to communicate and share their feelings with someone they trust. Often times it may not be the simple to others, so they're doctor may prescibe them with medication.Depending on the person's severeness of not with the disorder, determines what they're doctor prescribes them.

Long Term and Short Term affects of Mood Disorders

Based on background knowleadge, you may be unable to communicate without giving attitude. You may loose friends based on behavior. May cause trouble in school or at work. Might show low perfomance at workplace.


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