Maroon Team

Sprint 75 Review

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Sprint Highlights - MDS Billing

A lot of work will be done over the upcoming year with billing as the way billing is being managed is changing. The Maroon team did quite a bit of work this sprint in the billing project:
  • Autobytel MDS Billing Refresh: The work needed to move Autobytel to to the new MDS Billing platform was complete during the sprint.
  • AIM Experts MDS Billing Refresh: The work needed to move AIM Experts to to the new MDS Billing platform was complete during the sprint.
  • Summit Delta Workflow update: Summit has custom delta workflow in place so when a dealer changes to a CDK system type the necessary workflow stops and billing starts do not happen. Updates were made so the necessary CDK workflow updates would happen for delta workflow changes.

Sprint Highlights - Stories & Bugs

This sprint the Maroon team completed many outstanding projects for various customers and other initiatives. These include:
  • Vital Insights Export Encryption: Updates were made to two VI exports so they would zip and encrypt. Previously individual files were sent un-encrypted.
  • SiriusXM Additional FTP on export reports: Two SXM exports were updated so they could be delivered to a new drop location.
  • SXMCA Sales Records not exporting: A bug was researched regarding why some sales records were not exporting for a dealer for SXMCA. Research determined this was by design and comments were made so support could fix the issue.
  • Autobytel: Set history to on by default: Autobytel was recently implemented but requested history be set to pull by default since they need it 99% of the time. They didn't want to risk enrolling dealers without it. Updates were made to support this request.
  • Whitehat Security issue: A Whitehat security ticket was picked up from Team Awesome and completed by the team.
  • Experian SFTP in export update: SFTP credentials were updated to prevent the Experian export from failing in a couple weeks. The password rotates every 90 days so a new key with new credentials were released.
  • TrueCar Export header update: TrueCar requested an update to a header field. Updates were made to the export last sprint to update a field and TrueCar needed the header updated as well. This change was made during the sprint.
  • Advance Digital failing image export: The image export started failing for Advance Digital during the sprint. This was caused by one specific dealer. The dealer was identified so support could make the necessary updates so the export would run.
  • Absolute Results new schedule group: A new schedule group to support early morning load jobs was created for Absolute Results.
  • Liquid Motors client user access update: A client level user lost permissions needed in IA. The permissions were updated during the sprint so they could enter profiles once again.
  • BAS client user access update: A dealer lost permissions needed in IA during the sprint. Updates were made so they would have full access once again.
  • Edmunds Corrupt export files (BLOCKER): Edmunds reported some corrupt exports during the sprint. The corrupt exports were removed from the Edmunds server and replaced with valid export files so their program could be properly supported.