china proquest,2015 culturegram online edition

Fast Fact

Continent: Asia



Area:3,705,405 square miles

Main Languages: They speak Mandarin which is chinese

Main Religions: They believe an many good sprits

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.:6971.5

Holidays in china

In china they celebrate a week called golden week where family's and friend for a week doing thing they do every year and at the end of that week they have a national day where when it is dark china people go out lighting fireworks and the people give them money so that they can get clothes .

Also in the spring they celebrate what called spring festival where they dance and sing and do what they do there.

China Food

In china dumpling , steam of bread , rice paddies , soup, seafood and fish, pork , chicken, duck, salami, turkey .

In china there are famous for there chop sticks because they use them for there noodles.

now today we have dumpling here so if we took a trip to china now we would now what there food taste like.

Climate In China

most of china land is hilly and mountain.

In the south you can find green plant tree all over the hills.

In the north you can find mountains covered with ice and snow.

And in china it also has Typhoons ,Tsunamis ,Earthquakes, Drought, and Floods.

Things i like to see in china

I want to know how they make money in china.

I what to know how they do potter out of clay.

I want to be and see them teach a class.

I want to know how they dress in china

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china flag

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