Alexander Graham Bell

by Marie D

Alexander's invention

Alexander Bell was born march 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He had a brother, a father, and a grandfather whose work was on elocution and speech. His mother was deaf and he eventually got a wife who was also deaf, this caused him to study about hearing and speech. Through this work in testing various hearing devices, he created the telephone, in which he was awarded U.S patent for his wonderful invention in 1876.
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the telephone

In 1874, Alexander made a device that could draw the vibrations of someone's voice for deaf people. It was called the phonautograph. His device led him to thinking that voice sounds might be able to be heard with the power of electricity. He then got a assistant named Thomas Watson. Thomas was an experienced electrician who would help Alexander on his ideas. In 1876, Bell spoke into the telephone's transmitter, and Thomas who was in a different room could hear everything through the ear piece. Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson had just made history that day with the first telephone.