The Giver

Written By: Louis Lowry Flyer By: Jeslie Lopez

Summary of The Giver

The main character Jonas, is living in a community where a group of elders decide everything for everyone. Children are assigned to the parents and so are their jobs. Living with Jonas is his younger sister Lily, Gabriel, and his parents. When Jonas turned twelve , at the ceremony of twelves, he was assigned to be The Receiver of Memory where Jonas gets memories from The Giver, the current receiver of memory. While training for this assignment Jonas realized how restrained and plain his life was. Throughout the end of the book Jonas tries to escape the community with his little brother Gabe.

Jonas-Main Character

Jonas has been faced with a lot of challenges. He had to keep his training to himself and he had to have bad memories like pain and abandonment. Jonas also went through a lot of problems when he tried to escape the community with Gabriel.

Other Characters from The Giver

Quote from book:

"We gained control of many things, but we had to let go of others"

-The Giver

Teacher like Questions

1. What does the memory of Receiver do?

2. How does Jonas receive memories from the current Memory of Receiver

3. What is the first painful memory Jonas receives

Overall Rating:

I rate this novel 5/5