The Hero

I think that Andrew Jackson is a hero

The Bank crisis

Jackson felt the national bank was unconstitutional despite the supreme courts ruling. By the 1820s many viewed the bank as corrupt and only aiding the wealthy. So jackson closed down the bank and gained many peoples trust and saving lots of people.

Nullification crisis

During Jackson's presidency there were two tariffs passed, the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832. The south was very upset about the tariff of 1828. They were upset because they had very little manufacturing. The tariff protected industry in the northern united states.they called it the tariff of abomination. South Carolina threatened to secede from the union and not pay the taxes therefore the force bill was put into use making them pay. The force bill gives Jackson the power to use the U.S army. Then the compromise of 1833 passed making lower tariff. Jackson saved the united states from war a little longer
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Indian Removal Act

As bad as this sounds it really benefited the U.S by giving us way more land to be on. The Indian Removal Act was an act the removed all Native Americans from the U.S so we wouldn't have anymore problems with the Indians and also giving us way more land.
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Mini BIO - Andrew Jackson
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